Words that do look and sound native in the target language are not a dream! We use technology and the strength of the human mind to complement one another. We offer high-quality translation services with our expert translators possessing vast experience in their subject matters, multi-stage quality control and edition services, client-specific memory tools and DTP (Desktop Publishing) processes allowing us to work on different formats. Contact us for details and a tailored solution to your needs.

On-Site Interpretation

Our expert interpreters, with 1000 working days each, make use of their experience to offer you a tailored approach in various types of interpreting needs including on-site simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and whispering. Contact us for details and a custom tailored solution for your needs.

Remote Interpretation

The realities of modern life and the restrictions posed by the epidemic increasingly demand alternative modes of interaction in business. Our wide range of offering allow for offsite events to be catered effectively through remote interpretation, be it simultaneous or consecutive. We use high quality microphones and headsets for optimal user experience. We can work comfortably on various platforms such as Zoom, Interprefy, Interactio, Ablio, Webex and Skype Business and offer you assistance in technical set up to ease teething concerns of those clients who might be new to the scene. Contact us for details and for solutions tailored to your needs.

Technical Equipment

In cooperation with our partners, we offer a wide range of products and services in a flexible manner. These include: *Transcription for live or recorded texts *Systems for stage (Decoration), sound (Speakers, Press Mixer, Delegate Microphones, Handheld Microphones, Radio Microphones, Voice Recordes) and visual (Projection, LED Screen, Camera Systems) as well as *Equipment (Simultaneous System, Booth) and Human Resources (Staff for hosting and registration) support. Contact us for details on how we can help you reach the solution you need for your business.


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